Figure of the Day 61 – Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Series: Marvel Universe
Availability: 2009
Comments: 3 3/4″ figures are hot!  DC has them. Marvel has them.  Star Wars has them. GI Joe has them.  Star Trek has them.  See, lots of people have them.  And of all the lines running right now, Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line is my 2nd favorite.

The smaller scale line is building off the popularity of the Marvel Legends line started at ToyBiz which Hasbro continued-then-ended.  Like Marvel Legends, this line is a fantastic mixture of the A-rate heroes mixed with a nice array of secondary players.  Today we look at a B-list hero – Ms. Marvel, the Carol Danvers one.  This figure is pretty good, but a few key things are keeping it from being great.  The sculpt is top notch from the Farrahesque hair to the blown in the wind scarf, this is fine work.  The paint apps are just ok, mine has a sloppy face, which wasn’t noticed until the photoshoot.  The articulation, like the other Marvel Universe figures is top notch.  The hip area, in particular, is a great way to address the problem area of a woman’s hips.  I’m talking to you Baroness.  Another nice detail is that they didn’t give Carol super high heel shoes; at this scale she’d be difficult to stand if she didn’t have her whole foot area.  The most significant complaint I have about this figure though, is the soft material used for her limbs, her legs feel bendy and I’m interested to see how they look in a few years.  But, for now, in the short term, Carol is a great addition to the Marvel Universe line.  Keep ’em coming!

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