Figure of the Day 55 – Fox Mulder

Fox Mulder

Series: X-Files
Release Date: 1998
Comments: After the end of its 5th season, The X-Files made the jump from small screen to big screen.  The big screen adventures of Mulder and Scully also finally opened the door for X-Files action figures, released by MacFarlane toys.  The line only had a few unique figures, but each figure had several package variants (different colors, different pack-ins).

The longstanding criticism is that MacFarlane toys really isn’t much of a toy company; with their figures being more akin to statues.  Mulder provides little ammunition against that argument.  The useful articulation is limited to the upper body, meaning Mulder can mostly stand around.  Another disappointing feature is that neither Mulder or Scully came with a gun.  While I realize they didn’t have one in the movie, it still would have made sense.  On the plus side though, this figure looks fantastic.  The fine folks at McFarlane Toys nailed the likeness; making this a must-have Mulder figure.

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