Figure of the Day 49 – Batman


Series: Batman: The Dark Night
Release Date: 2008
Comments: With the release of the 2nd relaunched Batman film Mattel’s main action figure line was a ~6″ scale at a price point of about $10 a figure.  In addition, they also offered a limited selection of 2 packs of 3 3/4″ figures at a lower pricepoint.  Batman came packaged with a Bruce Wayne figure.

This Batman figure is interesting; it’s almost a ‘vintage’ Batman figure with his current costume.  The figure only has 7 points of articulation; head, shoulders, hips, knees.  This is obviously the result of being part of a “budget” 2-pack, but it’s also very retro.  The cloth cape also adds to this feeling, as I’m really reminded from Batman figures from the Michael Keaton Batman movie.

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