Figure of the Day 43 – Black Canary

Black Canary

Series: DC Universe; Crisis Series Three Pack
Release Date: 2008
Comments: I will being today’s post with an admission.  I’m not really that into the DC Universe.  While I’m familiar with the ‘heavy hitters’ of the DC universe, I don’t really keep track of the going’s on.  As such, I have no idea who Black Canary is.  My first guess was that she was some kind of  hooker crime fighter, but wikipedia told me I was wrong.

Black Canary should feel privileged to have shared a box with Green Lantern and Green Arrow (maybe she should be Green Canary).  In short, this figure sucks.  The head is too small.  The body looks weird; a waist joint at just under the bust?  Hip joints that really should have been retired a decade ago.  No ball jointed shoulders?  In fairness the sculpted jacket looks nice, but this figure sucks.

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