Figure of the Day 41 – Wolverine


Series: Marvel Universe; Secret Wars Comic Packs
Release Date: 2009
Comments: After a long run of figures at a 5″ scale, then 6-7″ scale for Marvel legends; HASBRO has moved the Marvel universe to their popular 3 3/4″ scale. Following the sucess of Star Wars and G.I. Joe comic packs, Marvel packs are a natural fit; these being comic book characters and all that. For their first venture, HASBRO chose the 12 issue limited series “Secret Wars”.

Comic pack #2 (featuring Secret Wars #2) includes Wolverine and Human Torch (carded image after the jump). Oh Wolverine, you’re actually not that bad.  I have to be totally honest here, I have a bit of an aversion to Wolverine figures.  During the 1990’s Toy Biz era you couldn’t walk down the toy aisle without dozens of Wolverines staring at you.  Every assortment had its own Wolverine.  I mean he’s an ok character, but I just never got the hype.  Anyways, since this is the sixth and final figure from the first wave of these comic packs I can gloss over the articulation and such and get down to what’s wrong with this toy.  It comes down to two things.   The first, his claws.  Due to the soft plastic used, Wolverine’s claws aren’t straight…they sorta bend and are wavey.  Not too convincing as adamantium.  The second, well look at the pic after the jump – but Wolverine should see a chiropractor or something.  His neck is just messed up; and this really limits the poses this figure can do and look somewhat natural.  Granted, I’m not going to cry over this because I’m sure Hasbro has dozens of Wolverines planned for release.  >sigh<

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Wolverine Profile
Marvel Universe Secret Wars Carded #2

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