Figure of the Day 34 – Kanjar Ro

Kanjar Ro

Series: Action League
Release Date: 2009
Comments: First Star Wars, the Marvel and Transformers; “kiddified” action figures made it big over at the big H. Not ones to be left out of a trend, Mattel has jumped on board bring kid-friendly DC universe figures to a toy aisle near you.

Again, we have a 2-pack of toys where I have no idea who the second figure is (really, still sorry about that Klaw).  Looking at wikipedia doesn’t jog my memory at all, but this figure is based on his appearance in Batman: the Brave and the Bold (as indicated on the cardback).  I haven’t watched that either, so um, where does that leave me?  The figure’s a good basic figure.  That’s about it…sorta sucks being the second stringer to Batman.   See Kanjar Ro battle Batman after them jump!

Batman vs Kanjar Ro

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