Figure of the Day 24 – The Second Doctor

The Second Doctor

Series: Doctor Who Classics
Release Date: 2009
Comments: For the 2009 San Diego Comic-con Underground Toys offered 4 2-packs from their Doctor Who Classics line.  These packs were the 1st Doctor with a Dalek or the 2nd Doctor with a Cyberman.  Each of these packs came in your choice of color (pictured) or black and white (just like on TV!). This is the first (and only?) time that either of these Doctors have been made available.

Today we’re looking at the 2nd Doctor as portrayed by Patrick Troughton.  The head sculpt is good and on par with other Doctor Who figures.  The rest of the sculpting is top notch with great attention to detail; huge floppy pockets, pocket scarf, crooked bow tie all in place.  The figure includes the Doctor’s trusty recorder and I’m pleased to say that not only can he hold it with both hands, the figure can get the recorder in the general area of the Doctor’s mouth!  This didn’t photograph well, but trust me, its true!  This figure and the 1st Doctor figure made the trip to this years SDCC well worth it – these figures are just that good.

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2nd Doctor and Cyberman

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