Transformers Universe 2.0 – Tankor

Following on the footsteps of last year’s Transformers Classics, the fine folks at HASBRO have reintroduced G1 characters updated with modern transformations, articulation and detailing.  Second up Octane Tankor.  He’s an update of the triple changer, Octane – but now he’s called Tankor.

Packaging:  Same deal as Prowl, except instead of embossed Autobot symbols on the package, it has Decepticon ones.  Go figure.


Car Mode: Tankor’s has two alt modes; a tanker truck and a transport plane.  The plane is the better alt mode, the tanker truck seems like it was a bit of an after-thought.  This is a common occurence with triple changers.

Transformation: Clever transformation sequence, but the shoulder part of the transforming sucks.  Very strange joints.

Robot Mode:  Octane’s Tankor’s robot mode is downright awesome.  My only gripe is that Tankor’s arms are funny, and pretty short.  It’s a nit, of course.  Head sculpt is just awesome.  Great stuff.  What’s interesting is that both Astrotrain and Tankor have shoulderpads and nosecone hands.  There’s your fact of the day.  I guess.

Overall:  I don’t really like tanker truck mode, but the robot mode is solid as is the transport plane mode.  Just give us a Classics Blitzwing now to finish up the Decepticon triple changers.  8/10.

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